Top Rated Shampoo For Scalp Pimples and Acne

If you have reached this page then you are looking for a good solution for head pimples or acne! These are very different from the zits that you get on your neck and back or even your face. You have really be careful of the products that you use when you are treating these bumps.

Which Products Work?

Most over the counter creams and lotions are too drying and can actually harm the scalp and hair follicle – which is exactly what you don’t want. Typical anti acne treatments like benzoyl peroxide can actually change your hair color but it also is not good for the hair follicle. Also remember that you are now trying to get underneath the hair follicle with your remedy. You are not just dealing with pores anymore. Hair follicles are deeper and the treatment must penetrate deeper.

Here is What I Used That Worked So Well!

I picked up a product one day at my salon. The lady that cut my hair wore by it. She said that it was by far the best healthy scalp shampoo, conditioner and treatment available on the market, especially for scalp zits and pimples. On her recommendation I purchased the kit. I had been struggling with bumps for nearly two years. After 5 days I saw more improvement than I did from any other treatment or any of the remedies that I had ever tried. After 15 days I was about 98% clear. Huge difference!

I strongly suggest that you try Zincplex if you have not. And I can tell you that I was also having flaking and itching problems that cleared up with Zincplex. I know that it is herbal based and delivers deep inside the follicle. The main ingredient is from zinc. I hope that this helps anyone that is looking for solutions to their questions. It puzzled me for a long time. Now I am happily free from those problems.

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